The Most Representative Beverage In Each Country

There are many kinds of snacks and drinks, but no matter how many drinks, there are also some representative drinks, such as cola, yakult and so on.


Coke in the United States should be needless to say, cola is now well-known all over the world, although there are two kinds of coke, but also come from the same country is the United States, the coke was invented because at the beginning of a small mistake, accidentally added soda in the beverage, then accidentally created a kind of drink, at present this drink also became the most representative beverage, distribution range is very wide in the world, believe a about drinks in the United States, we will first think of coke.


The second is coconut milk from Thailand. Coconut milk in Thailand is usually made from fresh coconut juice. In Thailand, coconut milk is also a kind of drink that can be seen everywhere.


The third is yakult in Japan. Yakult is a Japanese specialty drink. Its bottles are very small and the capacity is not large. Some people can finish it in one sip, but the price is not cheap. Many people love yakult because it contains a variety of probiotics, which are very good for our stomach to move and promote digestion. Yakult is a local brand in Japan, and it is probably the most representative drink in Japan.


The fourth representative drink in China is wanglaoji. Wanglaoji is a kind of local herbal tea with a unique taste and Chinese characteristics of herbal tea. Therefore, it is definitely a representative drink in China.