The Movies You See Because Of The Heroines

1. A beautiful Sicilian legend

Monica Bellucci is truly gorgeous, has an impeccable body and physical appearance, and the character in the film fits her perfectly. In the film, she plays Marlena beautiful chic, temperament. Perhaps it is this beauty that makes the tragedy of this film intense. After all, nothing is more heartbreaking than the destruction of something beautiful.

2.Gone with the Wind

Mention the heroine Vivien Leigh I think of a comment on her “she has so beautiful, need not have such acting; If he has such acting skills, he doesn’t have to be so beautiful.” I like to see her in the film with a little bossy and lovely expression, in her toughness and courage, even though the film is nearly four hours, but still let people feel unfinished.

3.Love is before the dawn

Love at sunset Love before midnight. Filmed every nine years, Love in The Trilogy has its own romantic story that ages both the host and the audience. Whether at the beginning, in the process, or at the end, it feels like it’s happening all around us. Let’s see, that’s what love is, love, conflict and companionship. It’s also the trilogy that introduces us to Julie. Del ratio. Whether she is a natural and innocent girl at 26 or a mature and attractive girl at 35, she is beautiful. It makes people feel that time can only make beautiful women more beautiful.

4.Bridges of Madison County

A movie that will make you cry and interpret love in a philosophical way. Love is irresistible, but if you give up responsibility, love is meaningless, but with responsibility and moral shackles, it will make love more beautiful.

5.Edward Scissorhands
Lonely and beautiful Edward is heartbreaking, reminding me that I can’t hug you when I pick up the scissors, and I can’t protect you when I put them down. The interlocking progression of the plot has both the beauty of fairy tales and the darkness of human nature. Perhaps human nature is the scissors. The face of Winona Ryder, the heroine of Edward Scissorhands, is also amazing in the film. Of course, the hero is much better. The sadness in the eyes of the hero alone is enough to make me cry 100 times.