The Mystery Of The Antarctic Hot Lake, With Temperatures As High As 25 Degrees Celsius


Antarctica is one of the coldest places in the world. The ice sheet is 2,000 meters thick, the average temperature is tens of degrees below zero, and yet in this part of the white continent, there is a hot lake called Lake Fanda.

The lake was first discovered by an American satellite in the Weddell Sea off the coast of Antarctica in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It appears most of the winter, but sometimes flashes and flashes, easily overlooked by satellite images. Interestingly Japanese scholars in the 1960 s by measuring data, the van to lake of water temperature and the content of detailed analysis, he found that the fan of lake surface water temperature of 0 ℃ under the thin ice, but with the increase of depth, water temperature goes up and up, until 15 ~ 16 meters deep rose to 7.7 ℃ or so, to 40 meters, the size of water temperature rise will be gradually narrowed, however, in the 50 meters, the size of water temperature rise suddenly.

2Surprisingly, the water temperature at the bottom of the lake at 58.8 meters is as high as 25℃, which is similar to the surface water temperature in the East China Sea in summer. It is surprising that such a hot lake exists in the cold Antarctic continent.

The deep hot water lake among the vast ice sheets, for polar expedition scientists leave of hard puzzle, because it is difficult to make a reasonable explanation to this phenomenon, scientists and repeated tests, the experts say there are many volcanoes, on the Antarctic continent lake affected by the earthquake, the temperature will appear on the cold under the hot phenomenon.