The Netherlands Stopped Promoting Tourism To Prevent Overcrowding

Recently, the Netherlands National Tourism Conference Promotion Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “NBTC”) decided to stop focusing on tourism promotion in the Netherlands, diverting tourists, taking measures to solve the negative problems brought by tourists, and alleviating the pressure from excessive tourists.


The Dutch media has extensively reported on the “2020-2024 Program” announced by the above NBTC. The livability of the Netherlands as a tourist country is a top priority in the NBTC report “2030 Outlook”.

A NBTC spokesperson said that at present, the NBTC’s tourism promotion mission has been replaced by “a more rational arrangement for tourism”. There are more regions in the Netherlands that can benefit from growing passenger traffic. Therefore, NBTC has a new proposal, NBTC wants to transform into a tourism data and knowledge center.

Even without tourism promotion, the number of Dutch tourists is still growing. NBTC expects that in 2030, there will be “at least” 29 million foreign tourists visiting the Netherlands for several days. In 2018, this number was 19 million.


Ronald, head of the local travel agency touroperator Amstour in the Netherlands, said that the new strategy of NBTC still cannot solve too many problems for tourists. “In real life, the role of diverting tourists is limited. Crowded tourists are not our biggest problem. We want to attract good tourists and less tolerance for poor quality tourists. Moreover, don’t always blame foreign tourists. Our local Dutch tourists may also be unruly.”

According to the report, the new NBTC plan can be said to mark the official turning point of tourism development in the Netherlands. It is reported that the “2030 Outlook” report was jointly proposed by more than 100 experts, residents and policy makers in the tourism, transportation, education and cultural industries. In the next 10 years, the Netherlands will move in a completely different direction from the past 10 years.