The shoppers were surprised when they were told they could take the dogs home without charge

An animal rescue organization in Brazil called Quatro Patinhas (Four Paws) did the experiment and everybody loved it.The organization finds the perfect way to show rescued dogs in a positive light in a bid to get them adopted.

WARRINGTON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 04:  A seven week old Daschund cross puppy waits to be re-homed at the Cheshire Dogs Home on January 4, 2010 in Warrington, England. The puppy is one of hundreds waiting for a new home at the Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home and other animal shelters across Britain. There has been a  huge surge in the number of abandoned pets over the Christmas and Winter period.  (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

We have all been to a pet shop before and have seen those cute little and sometimes big purebred puppies for sale. They stand in those little cages with the windows and are displayed for customers, who often pay high amounts.  But one pet shop in the country of Brazil decided to change things up a bit.  The shop, which goes by the name American Pet, teamed up with Quatro Patinhas, a local rescue group and created a campaign they call Priceless Pets.

“There are thousands of animal shelters in Brazil. And most of them are overcrowded,” Priceless Pets wrote on their site. “We believe there’s no difference between purebred animals and shelter animals.”To prove their point, Quatro Patinhas set up cameras all around the pet shop and then replaced the purebred dogs and kittens, with rescue animals from their shelter.


When shoppers came into the store, they walked around and looked at the dogs and cats.  They browsed around and many of them wanted to purchase the animals that they were looking at.  But when they asked if they could buy the puppy or kitten, the shop owner told them that they are free.This really shocked the people who wanted to purchase these animals. One woman even said that she was about to ask for a discount.  But to her surprise she was able to take the animal home for free!  This experiment proves that people are willing to pay lots of money  for kittens and puppies, if they find them in a posh pet shop. But they are less willing to go to a shelter and get them for free.


Quatro Patinhas said it intends to bring the program to 41 pet shops they operate. Which means a lot more happily surprised pet owners.Every year thousands of dogs and cats die in shelters in Brazil, while waiting to be adopted.  Hopefully this program will help reduce this serious problem.