The Summer Palace Reproduces Cncondom, Now Is The Best Viewing Period!

Lotus is the summer spirit of The Summer Palace ,after decades of operation and construction,at present, the lotus planting area in the park is more than 1000 mu.The variety quantity is more than 300 species.


On the eve of the opening of the lotus festival, this year was the first time the discovery of the cncondom, in changchun garden line of the east of the bridge beautiful bloom, a stream of tourists have raised the camera to record this beautiful moment. It is natural growth, not artificial cultivation, and will not be genetic, the cause of formation is difficult to explain, so extremely precious, is a symbol of good luck, good.

In the southwest corner of changchun garden, 11 ancient lotus seeds have been found in the jingxiang pond during the archaeological process. This is the first time that ancient lotus seeds have been found in the old Summer Palace since the archaeological excavation. At present, the 11 ancient lotus seeds have been sent to institute of botany, Chinese academy of sciences for scientific management and research identification. After discussion on the detection, research and cultivation of ancient lotus seeds, the two sides finally decided to carry out the annual identification of 3 ancient lotus seeds and the cultivation experiment of the remaining 8.


According to experts from the institute of botany, ancient lotus seed takes longer to germinate and is more difficult to cultivate than ordinary lotus seed. Due to its long burial time and the quality of the seeds, the survival rate of ancient lotus seed is reduced.
After monitoring, research and careful cultivation by experts from the Chinese academy of sciences, six ancient lotus seeds have been successfully germinated after sowing, and they grew leaves and formed lotus root in the experimental pot at the end of August 2018. At present, the six ancient lotus seeds have successfully overwintered in the greenhouse. In April this year, they were moved out of the greenhouse and planted in the lotus base, and they are expected to bloom in this summer.