The Swiss City Loves Cats So Much That It Has Built A Cat Ladder

Switzerland is a free, romantic and democratic place, but the city of Switzerland is directly ruled by cats. What on earth happened? In fact, this place is Bern, Switzerland. It sounds like a name, but it is a city full of myth. Cats have a very high status in this city, and the reason for this is that local people love cats and treat them as children.


More surprisingly, locals have built staircases outside the cats’ homes to make it easier for them to get around, which is why many houses in the city have ladders of all kinds on the outside. And there are all kinds of ladders, including ordinary ladders and slides, which can be said to be very human. From the side, you can also see how much people in this city like cats.

The family set a cat to climb from the ground floor to the first floor directly in front of the house, just for fear of the little cat to go out to play, but the door was not opened when they came home. By repairing the ladder, the cat could climb up the ladder to the second floor when the door was not open and then go home. It must be said that foreigners’ imagination and creativity are so rich.


Stray cats sometimes break into the homes of those who have built the ladders, but the locals are used to it. Instead of driving them away, they give them food and drink. This design is on the one hand for the travel of the cat, on the other hand to meet the characteristics of the cat love to climb and play.