The Unique Adventure For A Lost Stuffed Bunny

Being separated from our beloved objects can be something terrible for most of us, especially when such things happen on a little girl.

So it was a little heartbreaking when Kate Hogan, a young girl from Ireland, lost her adorable toy bunny when staying with her family at the gorgeous Adare Manor Hotel over the New Year.


However, when the hotel staff found the lost bunny, Rather than let the bunny sit and wait for someone to come claim it, the hotel staff made sure that the bunny thoroughly enjoyed himself. They treated the bunny with 5-star service——they helped her do make-up, make the bed , prepare dessert etc.


They shared its photo on Facebook captioned that “I lost my owner at breakfast in Adare Manor.”


“We decided to keep it going,” a spokesperson for the hotel told BuzzFeed. “We thought Facebook was a great way to get the word out there.” They kept posting funny photos with the bunny enjoying the hotel until it was happily reunited with the owner, Kate Hogan.


“Thank you for taking such good care of my special Jellycat,” the family later wrote on Facebook.



The creative staff offered a special adventure for both the little bunny and its owner, which ended in a satisfactory way. The bunny received VIP service during the lonely days away from its friend, and the little girl enjoyed the happiness seeing her friends back again intact.