These Chic chicks look like elegant stars from an 80s glam rock band

Fashion belongs to everyone, even though the models we admire today would be…chicken! Initiating the eye-catching show, Dan Bannino, an 28-year-old Italian photographer, captured the beauty of ‘Chic Chicks’.


It was exactly the charm of these beautiful creatures called Paduan chicken that amazed Dan and inspired him of this idea. Dan says, ‘I fell in love with them. These beautiful chickens like glamorous models of high-fashion magazines.’


He has this goal to make people think twice when they grab the meat at local grocery store. “The reason why I wanted to use this particular style, was due to my urge to underline the fact that some of us don’t even know how beautiful a ‘common’ chicken is,” he told The Huffington Post in an email. “In modern society, food is highly industrialised and often comes to our tables in a completely different shape from its original form.”


Instead of being cute and funny, this series of photos is definitely shot in a different style. In Dan’s pictures, these charming chicken from Padova, Italy have the most stylish hairstyle and cool kingly gestures. Interestingly, Dan said that the birds were surprisingly patient and collaborative during the shooting. Well, standing at the stage as superstar is a delightful job anyway, and indeed their new trend of fashion quickly swept over the Internet.

What Dan is trying to do is not shame people from consuming meat, but change meat eaters’ mind with a positive way. “Just be more connected to what you’re eating,” Bannino said. “Don’t just go and buy some piece of meat. Know where it comes from, where it lived, what it ate. If I could really just say one single thing: Respect these creatures, and fully appreciate what nature gives us. Every single day.”