These Creative Water Tanks That You Have Never Seen Before

Art does exist everywhere.If you ever go visit Punjab in India, you would probably agree with that.In this fascinating state, royal culture and Punjabi music are just part of its charm.But what we are talking about now is even more unique and interesting, those are artistic and creative water tanks on the rooftops here and there.Have you ever imagine to have a plane on your roof that never takes off? Or a big lion maybe.


The water tanks are built in various shape of birds, ships, lions, kangaroos and anything that might cross your mind.They are not only for decoration or practical use of storing water, but they are also closely linked to people’s lifestyle and profession.Mostly they indicate job role, status, or interests of the owner, and many of them are inspired by large range of items from animals to local transport.


For instance, Aircraft enthusiast Santokh Singh Uppal has use the airplane water tank to display his passion.As a child in the field when he was young, the remained dream of him was flying in one plane, flashing through the sky.For now, he is able to design his water tank reflecting his dream as a huge airplane which can be seen from miles away.He said: “To me, this Air India plane symbolises the hopes and dreams of all those enterprising Punjab residents for whom going abroad is like the first step towards shaping their destiny.”


Building such a creation wasn’t easy at all.Residents often have to commission architects and a skilled team of labors to handle the innovation.Even in this way, the whole process sometimes lasts for years.


As for more interesting creations, we’ve got a tractor, a large flower, an eagle, horses, and military vehicles of course. Some owners even set their armed solider to stand there guarding the tanks.Want to be surprised, have a look of these incredible creations then.