These Four Foods Raise Uric Acid, Which Patients With Gout Should Avoid

What foods can aggravate gout?

1. Juice drinks

Fruit juice containing more fructose will affect the metabolism of uric acid, while increasing uric acid. Fructose in the body degrades into adenosine phosphate by a substance that raises uric acid levels in the blood. So do not drink some fresh juice or fruit juice.

2. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are popular with many people, but they contain a lot of sugar, which affects the metabolism of purines and increases uric acid levels. It can also cause changes in calcium metabolism, increasing the risk of kidney stones and causing serious damage to the kidneys. Uric acid is mainly metabolized in the kidney, and once damaged, it is bound to cause gouty nephropathy.

3.Bone soup

Some people will drink bone soup to enhance bone density, but after a long time to cook bones will emulsify the fat, eating too much will disrupt its metabolism, increasing the risk of high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar. The purine in the bone also dissolves easily in the bone soup, increasing the purine content.

4. Hot pot soup

Hot pot contains purine food ingredients such as seafood or animal offal, and drinking alcohol is bound to make gout more severe.

How to stay away from gout?

1.Drink plenty of water and adjust your diet
Every day to ensure that there is enough water intake, drink more water and micturition, can pass the way of micturition to remove the excess uric acid in the body, to prevent the occurrence of gout. Don’t eat more than 150 grams of meat a day. Choose fish, chicken, duck and avoid eating offal, seafood, dog, beef and mutton. At least 500 grams of soy products and vegetables a day should be guaranteed to contain dietary fiber, can give people a certain feeling of satiety, help eliminate uric acid.


2. Combine work with rest
At ordinary times should do more relaxed aerobic exercise such as walking or brisk walking swimming, can promote uric acid excretion outside the body, reduce uric acid levels, prevention and treatment of gout attack. Each movement should achieve 30 minutes at least, achieve 4~6 times a week or so, but cannot harm joint. Absolute bed rest should be taken during the acute episode to reduce the burden on the joints.