These Two Prairie Dogs Live a Charmed Life In This Big Animal Family

Swarley and Bing, the celebrity prairie dog couple on Instagram, have beaten all those social media stars.Well, they deserve that, for the most exciting life they lead.

The mom of this loving family, animal-lover Cassidy from Houston, Texas bought the 3-year-old pair from a local petshop.”When I saw them I immediately fell in love.I went home and researched them for several hours. I decided I wanted one and less than a year later, I got another.”said Cassidy.She introduced them to the family and for the first time set up an Instagram account for them.

Since then,they always enjoy sharing their  happy life with over 65,000 followers in the social media.At first, the dog Biscuit would stand by the cage and bark at them all day out of jealousy. But later, magically they became the best friends.”Every day when I go to say hi to the prairie dogs, if Biscuit walks in they will run over and greet him before me,” the family’s mom, Cassidy, told The Dodo.

Unlikely but tight bond are built between members of this big family consisting of the two prairie dogs, Biscuit the dog, Asgard the kitty, 2 cuttiest ducklings, and a goat of course.Indeed, their life might be the most attractive one ever.And it’s full of fun and adventure.As for daliy activities, they go for walks..

…cuddle for a nap…

"When your friend moves on and you can't accept it"-Bing

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…listen to Beyoncé from iPhone….

and eating delicious pizza.

But that’s still far from the excitement they possess! With their furry siblings, they accomplish all kinds of remarkable adventures and dive in all kinds of crazy fun together.

Playing with bubbles or splashing around in the bathtub or relaxing on beaches and hanging out on boats or maybe on the goat’s back,”The prairie dogs get along with the goat very well. Bing will sit on his back for a long time just enjoying the view,” Cassidy said.

What’s more, they are also eager to be the doppelgängers for the stars of their favorite TV show, Parks and Recreation.

"When you just got your haircut and you feel flawless"-Bing

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They love to dress up, trying different styles with fabulous sunglasses, wig and scarf.It’s even natural for them to enjoy a good Starbucks or happily get festive in Christmas.All of these are posted on the internet with hilarious photos and words.

"Thug life"-Bing

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With these delightful antics, it’s not hard to see why they have so many fans across the globe.

The family is getting more crowded day by day.In the future, Cassidy hopes to adopt a Border Collie, a Capybara, or a flying squirrel — or maybe all three!