This Cat Has Mastered the Art of the Selfie

Manny the cat has been revealed as the champion among the world’s selfie-taking cats.He is undoubtedly professional, since his selfies might even be better than yours, and they have taken the Internet by storm.


With the Instagram user @yoremahm’s posts, Manny has got over 45,000 followers up to now.In the beginning, he took his first selfie by chance when he reached out to touch it during a shoot.


The moment Manny first learned how to use a GoPro camera he was struck by the love of photographing. In fact, according to Love Meow, Manny is so fascinated by the camera that he won’t leave them alone once he’s spotted one.


Truly, Manny understand the skill of selfie, he usually stretches his frontleg and take full body shots.

“He is the boss of the dogs,” his owner said.Indeed, you may see plenty of photos with Manny standing in front of the camera, and behind him are a couple of loyal fellow dogs.


Besides those with his four-legged friends, Manny also managed to create some truly amazing solo photos, with the unique perspective of blue sky and shinny sun.


This grey tabby will school you about selfie.If we looked as good as Manny did, we’d be posting selfies all day long too.