This Cow Thinks She’s a Dog— Her Antics Are Just The Cutest

Have you ever imagine a cow acting like a cute pet?


Beryl, an adult female Brahman, is far from the ordinary people usually define. Though it’s kind of species can grow up to be 1,500 pounds and as tall as six feet, she mistakes herself as a dog!

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You must be as amazed as her owner, Sally Webster, when running into a house, where a whopper lying on a carpet in the living room.

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Surprisingly, Beryl is well-behaved: There was no mess or broken items when Webster found her. Apparently, she had broken in only to wait.

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Then you may wonder why such a huge animal can behave so differently from its kind.

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According to Webster, being raised with two dogs and being given a blanket when she was just a calf contribute to her odd behavior (including sneaking in the room and staying on the carpet) and make her accustomed to the house-pet life.

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Beryl is such a cutie and, though it won’t be long before it’s pretty tough for her to squeeze into those rooms, we still hope that she gets all the loving even outside of the house.

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For you, and for most people, it can be a fresh and interesting experience, to see a cow in your room, waiting for you!

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You can watch the cutie grow big and strong via her Facebook page.


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