This Guy Is Sailing Around The World With His Pet Chicken, Monique

Whose company do you expect most when you are going to travel for a long time? Parents, spouses, or best friends maybe.

However, Guirec Soudee, a 24-year-old Frenchmen, spend two years for his round-the-globe journey, together with his unique chicken friend, Monique.

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Yes, it’s really hard to imagine such kind of pictures, where a man travel around with a five-month-old hen. But surprisingly, they managed to offer each other warm companion, and pleasure too. The two friends becomes so close since they first met that all these photos below are incredibly adorable.

980x (5) According to Guirec, “Monique had never left the Canary Islands. I didn’t speak any Spanish and she didn’t speak any French, but we get along.”

Although Monique had never step into the outside world, she is a real adventurer. You can find her curious and energetic, not even intimidated by extreme cold. And, she don’t have any difficult problems of sea sickness, which is all designed for sailing.


Basically, Monique can handle everything like a human. In reality, she’s even better if you count the eggs and those flying fish she caught.


“They are currently in the west coast of Greenland until the middle of July,” Virgine Nolen-Laissy, who manages onshore affairs for the duo, told The Dodo. “When the ice will melt they will cross the Arctic Ocean to join the Pacific by the famous North West Passage.”

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Monique is a fantastic partner in surfing, boating, and even skateboarding!

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If you want to know more about their cute journey, you can follow the duo’s  Instagram or Facebook page, and it truly makes you laugh.980x


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