This Guy Quit Crystal But The Difference in One Year Is Incredible

Newborn babies are always delivered together with love and hope.In this case, Ryan Harder of St Paul, Minnesota who was addicted to methamphetamine was one example who was greatly inspired by his future niece.Trying not to be “that uncle” that would not be mentioned in the family, he made his best effort to meet the little girl as a new Ryan.


Sharing this really personal and sensitive experience, he posted a before-after photo on Reddit, and it caused an outpouring of supprt from scores.It is easily observed from the photo that this 23-year-old young man had been through uneasy and surprising change.


Actually, Ryan had the prior addicted period with cocaine, alcohol, marijuana and opiates when he was even much younger.”I think it was probably, when I really think about it, I was looking for social acceptance,” he said. “And curiosity.” He was clean for a few years, but things just went wrong again.He started to take methamphetamine when he was 18.

“It’s not like I woke up one day and was like,’Oh yeah I’m just gonna shoot meth and destroy my entire life'”, he wrote on Reddit, “It’s a sick and ugly progression.”

Ryan always thought he was in control, and not “out of control and wild and crazy” like those addicted people around him. However, unfortunately the most terrible feature of drugs might be its deadly process that kills one without letting one know about any clear signs.

Ryan didn’t got bad immediate effects, instead he realized the severe consequence much later after his first try.Naturally, there were phsical side effects, psychosis and neuropathy, in addition to multiple felony and misdemeanor charges for possession, ruined family relationships and being homeless on and off for four years.

Indeed, Ryan had tried to get rid of meth for countless times, and he even thought about giving up his life and jump off the bridge. Once he shared a post on Reddit, documenting his struggle.”I’m devastated” he wrote in the post,”I’m completely disheveled and I’m an absolute mess. I never believed them when I was growing up.I always thought they were wrong and I wanted to find out for myself…. biggest mistake I’ve ever made.”

According to him, it was internal struggles that prevented him from recover, but luckily he met the strong support in a sober house with a group of guys just like him.”I wake up, I go to work and hang out with the guys at the sober house,” Ryan says of his day to day recovery, “The support is unparalleled. Living alone and secluded – I couldn’t do that.”

But still, over all factors, having his family back is the best motivator that help him to be clean
again.It was exactly the moment his sister announced his pregancy to him that he was hit by the necessity of being sober with powerful faith.”One of the greatest things about being clean is that I got to be sober to see my sister have her baby girl. I’m so excited to be an uncle and to be around again. It’s so sweet.”he said.

Now, as a succeeded example, Ryan is able to stand at the opposite position and it’s now his turn to inspire other addicted drug users with his own experience. Anyway, his little niece did give him a push, but what Ryan proved was that one can absolutely drag himself out of the mess and darkness as long as his will is strong enough.