This Inventive Dad Keeps Workouts With His Adorable Sons

Brent Kruithof was working long hours as a CPA, so you can imagine how hard it was for him to find quality time with his wife, Katie, and their two young sons, Giorgio and Decker.He is also the kind of dude who loves working out.But he doesn’t have time to care for their kids and go to the gym to work out.

To maximize his workouts, this inventive dad  created FLYUP Fitness, sliding resistance grips that aim to make working out at home more dynamic. Another pro? Kids love it, and Brent now gets to spend quality time with his family while working out. And, oh yeah, he’s in the best shape of his life.All it took was a little creative time management to get there.

Sure, not everyone enjoys working out — but no matter what your thing is, there usually is a way to bond with the kids while you’re at it.Either way, it’s always nice to see a dad whose biggest muscle is his heart.