This is how rapper would order McDonald’s

The Florida-based rapper Hi-Rez’s incredible order at the McDonald’s in Times Square has been watched more than 1.5 million times on YouTube.He shows us “How To Order McDonald’s Like A Boss” in this video.

“Can I get two Big Macs…two apple pies,” he begins, and the guy at the register enters them in, having no idea he’s about to get pranked. “Nah, actually,” Hi-Rez says, pretending to be rethinking the original order. And then he busts out the rap. Even though we already knew about the two Big Macs and apple pies, we were still basically lost after that.The cashier seems dumbfounded and didn’t even manage to place one of his orders due to how fast Hi-Rez raps!

If you want to rap, don’t do it at McD’s. Especially during breakfast hour.