This Perfectly Symmetrical Shot of Kingfisher Diving Was 6 Years and 720,000 Attempts in the Making

Another story about patience. This time is not about breakfast, but still, another perfect shot capturing some memorable moment of our life, and, lives by our side.

Well, it looks like the Scottish photographer Alan McFadyen has got the snap of his life.But don’t for one second think it was a happy accident.To get this snap of a kingfisher,he has spent 6 years, 4,200 hours and 720,000 exposures!


McFadyen certainly snapped hundreds of other successful images along the way, but this particular photo—as it existed in his imagination—eluded him for years.


He told The Herald Scotland: ‘The photo I was going for of the perfect dive, flawlessly straight, with no splash required not only me to be in the right place and get a very lucky shot but also for the bird itself to get it perfect.’


McFadyen, who also runs a wildlife photography hide business, never forgot boyhood visits to Kirkcudbright to see the kingfisher nesting spot with grandfather Robert Murray 40 years ago.


“I remember my grandfather taking me to see the kingfisher nest and I just remember being completely blown away by how magnificent the birds are. So when I took up photography I returned to this same spot to photograph the kingfishers.”


Seldom would things happens as a happy accident, but your efforts would pay off one day. That’s what McFadyen taught us.