This Teenager’s brutally-honest Sex Ed Answers Got Her Suspended

Last week, Jordan Fridman from Montreal uploaded a photo of a sex-ed assignment to Imgur ,which got her little sister suspended. Why? Well, we have no idea — But honestly. She’s not wrong . . .

Two years ago,her then 14-year-old sister  submitted these answers  for an assignment on”Objections to Condoms.”The purpose of the assignment was to match appropriate responses to possible objections a partner might make to using a condom.Well, we say creative, she basically told the exact truth. As you can see below, she gets it. She understands what the dull sex ed class is trying to teach.


And here they are:

  1. Don’t worry I’m on the pill. Answer: “I don’t want Aids”
  2. I’m clean, I don’t run around, and I don’t have any infections. Answer: “Go F*** Yourself.”
  3. Condoms don’t feel good. It won’t be natural. Answer: “Being pregnant doesn’t feel good either”
  4. By the time you’ve put a condom on, you’ve lost the mood. Answer: “And when you don’t put on you get baby and AIDS”
  5. I feel stupid buying condoms, and trying to hide them from my parents. Answer: “You’re prob… no sex for” [unintelligible]
  6. I’d be embarrassed to use one. Answer: “Look at all the f**** I give!”
  7. Condoms are gross; they’re messy; I hate them. Answer: “So are babies.”
  8. Just this once; we hardly ever have sex. Answer: “Now you know why.”
  9. I don’t have a condom with me. Answer: “I don’t have a vagina with me.”
  10. They cost too much: Answer: “STD treatments and babies cost more.”

Surprisingly, she was suspended from school for getting it a little too well.