This tiny 86 square foot room was transformed into an apartment with everything you need

Hre’s a fun fact. Centuries ago, maids that lived in Parisian houses were usually given the very top of the houses as rooms. If you visit some buildings in Paris today, you’ll find that there are still tiny rooms located at the top of the building. Today, most people use these rooms as storage. Can you, however, live in a place that’s only 86 square feet? Well you’re about to find out…

KITOKO Studio were given the task to transform this small Paris room.Before the renovation, the room was very empty, with just a sink and a window.All that, however, was going to change.


Check out the new room. You may think it looks even more cramped, but that’s all part of the plan to make this a place you could live.


When an apartment is this small, smart decisions had to be made in terms of layout, and how to get everything you need to fit. Everything is hidden behind doors, for example, this bookshelf slides out for extra storage.


The shelves also become the stairs to the lofted bed, and they have the added benefit of extra seating.


The bed is hidden above all of the storage, and is accessible by climbing the shelf/stairs.


There’s a closet that slides out to allow you to hang up clothes.


Here is a closer look at the closet, and a sneak peak at the table.


A table and stool set also slide out. The stools are stored under the table top that can then easily be removed for sitting on.


There are also two more sections that reveal storage, a smaller pull out shelf, and a bookshelf that sits above the hot water boiler.


The kitchenette has a small fridge, storage space, a microwave, a removable cooktop, and sink.


Behind the door on the left, next to the sink, is the bathroom, that is fully equipped with a toilet, shower, vanity and sink.


Watch the video below to get the true sense of size…it really is tiny, but as you can see with a little bit of creativity, it can be turned into a functional living situation. How incredible is that?