Three Places To Keep Warm In Winter

Only by keeping warm can we avoid accidents, and diseases are not easy to find ourselves. So, in this cold winter, be sure to do a good job of warm measures, especially some easy to catch cold parts, is to pay more attention to. So how do you keep warm in winter? Please be sure to protect these parts, not perfunctory.


1. Keep your head warm
The head is the place where many meridians of the human body converge. If it is not protected, it is just like a hot water bottle without a cap. So, in this cold winter, be sure to protect the head, such as wearing a hat to go out, such as the long hair can be issued down, do not tie up, this way can also cover the ears, can be more warm.


2.Keep your neck warm
The neck is the part that takes the head and connects the trunk of the body. If the neck is caught cold, it will cause the local blood vessels to constrict and the blood will decrease rapidly. In serious cases, it will lead to dizziness and insufficient blood supply to the brain. And of course if the wind gets into the body through the neck, it will soon get into the body and make people feel cold. So, keep a scarf with you during the winter and wear it when you go out to help ward off the cold and wind.
3.Keep your feet warm
The feet are closest to the ground, the cold is most likely to invade the body inside, plus the feet are farthest from the heart, the blood circulation speed is slow, the subcutaneous fat layer is very thin, the insulation performance is poor, resulting in the body more prone to chills. Once the feet are cold, the body is not easy to warm up, so it is easier to feel cold. So, be sure to wear good shoes and socks in winter, especially when it’s cold to wear boots to keep warm. Additional, want to remember to use hot bubble foot before sleeping at night, after bubble is finished, dry with towel put on clean socks again, such appearance can keep warm for double foot.