You Won’t Believe She’s Just Three Years Old! Just After She Asked For A Makeover

Most children are in such a hurry to grow up. No exception with Roey. The three-year-old girl from Ohio asked her aunt if she could wear make-up. Her aunt, Samantha Parsons, was happy to oblige and things turns out – the little girl became an online star after having a bizarre Benjamin Button-style makeover.

Samantha Parsons is a young artist recently babysitting Roey. So when she received such a surprising request from her three-year-old niece, she agreed but decided not to give her your usual makeover. She gave her the works with contouring, mascara and eyeshadow, and the results are certainly dramatic…


Scroll through below to see the hilarious photos of a three-year-old wanting to look more “grown up.” If this cannot brighten your Wednesday, I don’t know what will.