Very rare, very cute, bright orange monkey born at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

This cutest newborn ginger will melt your heart! On Nov 27th, for the first time zookeepers in Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo discovered Nangua, being nestled in his mom Meili’s arms.


This little lovely creature is a baby Francois’ langur. He get this gorgeous name from its shinny golden fur, which means pumpkin as a Mandarin word. They are born with the orange hair, so that their parents can easily spot them around. However, the color won’t last forever. As they grow older, their hair will be slowly darken and finally turn into the slinky black fur like her mom.


The most funny story is that they practie allomothering, which means several females are taking turns to help raise the baby. Apparently, Nangua now has many “moms” and he can peacefully sleep under all the protection just for him.

rare-bright-orange-monkey-3 Nangua is the fourth Francois langurs born in Taronga Zoo, and his species is one of the rarest monkeys across the world, also dubbed as “leaf monkey”. Sadly, they once widespread in China and Vietnam, but now there’s only around 2,000 of them after the great loss in habitat and poaching for traditional medicines.


Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is the only one in Australia with a population of Francois’ Langurs.Now their goal is to help increase the population of these rare yet beautiful species.