Video of Baby Polar Bear Dreaming Will Melt Your Heart

Here’s a video of a five-week-old baby polar sleeping (and dreaming), but be warned – it may cause a cuteness overload!Think I’m exaggerating? Look at this screenshot. Just look at it…


The adorable snow ball was born at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on Nov. 6.In the video,she was seen cuddling a stuffed moose, stretching out her paws, and sticking out her tongue.It’s also hard to ignore the noise she makes throughout the clip, which the zoo describes on Facebook as the sound of “contentment.”So you can rest easy that she’s not having nightmares about Donald Trump and that eagle.

The cub, who hasn’t been named yet,weighs only 4 pounds and measures 16 inches long and her eyes have started to open.Her mother, Aurora, gave birth to two cubs, but unfortunately her sibling passed away.And she seems to be doing quite well.This is great news since polar bear cubs have a low survival rate with only about 50 percent of them making it through the first few weeks.

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