Washing Your Hands Six To 10 Times A Day Can Significantly Reduce The Risk Of Infection

One study found that hand washing six to 10 times a day can reduce the risk of coronavirus infection by a third.

Researchers at university college London followed 1,633 adults over three winters. The participants reported their daily hand-washing habits, and the scientists used nasal swabs to determine if the coronavirus had caused a cold.


The study found that moderate hand washing six to 10 times a day reduced the risk by 36 percent compared with people who washed their hands less often. Washing hands more than 10 times didn’t reduce the risk any further, and experts say the findings suggest that hand washing can protect against viruses, including novel coronavirus.

“These findings support public health recommendations to promote hand washing, given that novel coronavirus spreads by a similar mechanism to seasonal coronaviruses,” researcher Sarah beer said. “The emphasis on frequency is only one aspect of hand hygiene,” he said. We also know that longer hand-washing times and the environment in which they are done — such as just after returning home or before eating — are associated with a lower overall risk of influenza or flu-like illness.”

“Whether you have symptoms or not, you should have good hand hygiene at all times,” says bill. This not only helps protect yourself, but also prevents the virus from unknowingly spreading to those around you.” “This is the first empirical evidence that regular hand washing can reduce the personal risk of seasonal coronavirus infection,” said the study, published in the British journal wellcome open research.


“These findings support public health recommendations that emphasize the protective role of hand washing in the current context of covid-19,” the study said.

Health officials have been urging people to wash their hands regularly with soap and water for more than 20 seconds to reduce the risk of contracting the virus, the report said, and to ensure the time is long enough, officials are advising people to wash their hands once and sing “happy birthday” twice.

Once people have coronavirus on their hands, they can get infected by touching their eyes, mouth or nose. A 2015 study found that people touch their faces an average of 23 times an hour, but regular hand washing can reduce both the risk of infection for themselves and others.