What Factors Are Associated With Anxiety Disorders?

1, Physical disease: the occurrence of mental disease is not to say that the body does not have any impact, for anxiety patients, physical disease is also one of the causes of anxiety, such as hyperthyroidism, adrenal tumor. Many researchers have tried to find out if the central nervous system, especially certain neurotransmitters, is to blame for anxiety disorders.


2, Cognitive processes: often we promote positive energy, because the society is filled with too much negative thoughts lead to anxiety disorders patients, patients tend to be more than the average person to ambiguous or even benign event interpreted as the precursor of the crisis, more inclined to think that bad things will fall on them, and more inclined to think that failure is waiting for them, tend to underestimate their ability to control of negative events. Therefore, cognitive processes, or thoughts, play an extremely important role in the development of anxiety symptoms.

3, Personal reasons: diseases occur in people, so personal problems are a very important reason. All kinds of impulses and desires within the individual are hard to reconcile with the self. Reactive hostility, impulse to be suppressed to the utmost, and contradictory intention are common factors, making the patient always in a state of anxiety.


4, External reasons: social and environment of the life we are often contact, therefore suffer from anxiety and these factors are inseparable, want to know the reason is one of the main causes anxiety, main show is the external environment of dramatic change or unknown new environment full of risk, the individual’s habitual behaviors cannot adapt to the special situation, make the patients with symptoms of anxiety.

We all know that people’s life is full of rugged and uncomfortable, but the road is still to continue to go on, life will not be smooth sailing, encounter difficulties and setbacks, we should break through the barriers, go forward or get cold feet, defeated and fled, the decision is in your hands.