What Is The Best Way To Eat Tomatoes?

Note that the amount of lycopene is related to the color of the tomato. Generally speaking, the redder the tomato, the higher the lycopene content, immature and semi-ripe cyan tomatoes in the lycopene content is relatively low. In addition, the content of lycopene in the tomato of red breed is highest, contain 2~3 milligram in every 100 grams commonly, can achieve 20 milligram highest. Pink tomatoes were in the middle of the lycopene range, while yellow lycopene was low, at about 0.3 milligrams per 100 grams. Tomatoes are a food that can be eaten as both a vegetable and a fruit. It contains lycopene, known as “plant gold,” which has been recognized as A class A nutrient by the United Nations food and agriculture organization and the world health organization.


We’ve all heard that lycopene is an antioxidant that helps protect body cells by eliminating free radicals and other active substances.

So, are tomatoes good to eat raw or cooked? In fact, whether it is eaten raw or cooked, all have their own benefits and advantages. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and can be eaten raw to obtain the vitamin C, dietary fiber and potassium they contain. Cooked food can be more conducive to the absorption and utilization of lycopene and carotene. Lycopene is a fat-soluble substance, in the process of cooking, the tomato cell wall will be destroyed, plus the role of cooking oil, lycopene can be free release.