White House Officials Request Extension Of Ban On Huawei Equipment

The White House Office of Administration and Budget (OMB) in the United States has asked the US Congress to give it more time to gradually implement the ban on signing federal contracts with companies that have business dealings with Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei. This provision is part of the US Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed last year.


The ban includes prohibiting federal agencies from directly purchasing Huawei equipment. The ban will take effect this year.

In his letter, Walter suggested that the ban should involve third-party contractors not to purchase parts of Huawei products, and it will take another two years to further prepare the implementation rules, and Water wrote the letter to Congress that this part of the ban is the most It was postponed until 4 years later to give these contractors in the United States more time to adjust and exclude Huawei from their business.

Walter also said that only by delaying the implementation of the ban can the ban be implemented more effectively, without rushing to undermine “national security.” Otherwise, if all the restraining orders are implemented this year, Walter believes that this will result in a “significant reduction” in the number of contractors that can be supplied to the United States.

Some of the bans that Walter hopes to postpone are not detailed in Reuters’ report. However, Reuters also pointed out that some of the bans on Huawei in the National Defense Authorization Act that Walter hopes to postpone are not the same as the “entity list” that the US Department of Commerce has separately listed for Huawei, and therefore will not affect ” The time when the Entity List and its related bans were implemented by Huawei.


The British “Financial Times” quoted sources as saying that the US Trump administration issued a ban on “security risk” in May to include Huawei in the list of entities, and then Google took the lead in confessing to Huawei. Now the source said that Google is now “repenting”. And they are lobbying the Trump administration for further delays in implementation and even a complete waiver of the ban on Huawei.

In response to reports from the Financial Times, Google did not respond to this further. However, Google only said: Like other US companies, we are working with the Ministry of Commerce to ensure that we fully comply with their requirements and temporary licenses. Our focus is on protecting the security of Google users on millions of mobile phones in the US and elsewhere.”