Why Do Chinese People Only Need 5 Minutes To Eat Instant Noodles While Korean People Need 1 Hour?

When it comes to Korean food, the first thing that comes to mind is beer Fried chicken. This is all because we have seen too many idol dramas. The heroine cannot help but sigh in the snow day: snow, how can there be no Fried chicken and beer. In addition to Fried chicken and beer, South Korea also has a national dish, “instant noodles”. Speaking of instant noodles, they are also very popular in China, but they are often eaten in five minutes as instant food. South Korea, on the other hand, cooked the dish with such meticulous care that many netizens said: what South Korea eats is culture. So today, let’s take a look at how instant noodles in South Korea have gone from obscurity to the masses.


Described as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, the modern instant noodles were actually invented in 1958 by a chinese-japanese named momofuku ando. But before the invention of the modern boxed noodles, there were similar deep-fried noodles in the qing dynasty, called yi noodles. Non-deep-fried noodles can be traced back to the xue noodles invented by han xin’s army in 205 BC. When instant noodles first came to Korea from Japan, they were not accepted by Korean people, because the taste and making technology of instant noodles were similar to “Japanese ramen”, so it was not suitable for Korean taste. After a series of improvements, the noodle company also held a lot of large-scale tasting activities, and finally found the taste suitable for the Korean people, and the noodle was finally widely accepted by the Korean public.


As time went on, the folk invented a lot of different ways to eat instant noodles. Some people summed up the simplest way to cook instant noodles: 1. Cook for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. 3. Add some chili powder, one egg and some bean sprouts; Serve with pickles.

Some Korean people will put the noodles into the army pot, all kinds of vegetables, meat together to cook, hot, very appetitive, cooking methods are not complicated. The south Korean love of soup has a long history, and south koreans rarely fry dishes, so the emergence of instant noodles fully meet the needs of the south Korean diet.


All in all, the rise of instant noodles in South Korea is due to the Korean people’s preference for pasta, their love of hot soups, and the relatively affordable price. Although the noodles were introduced from Japan, the Korean people further sublimated them in terms of both practice and taste, and it has to be said that the noodles really became a part of Korean food culture.