Why Eat A Thick-cut Steak?

Steak as the most important main course in western food, and beef protein content is much higher than pork, calories and fat content is lower than pork. Therefore, more and more people like steak. But western restaurants on the market have steak, why eat steak to eat thick cut? It starts with the way the steak is cooked.


Generally, steaks are Fried on both sides at high temperature. Steaks can be cooked on a hot stove or in a heavy-bottomed pan. Pan-fried steak for preheat peace bottom pot has certain heat energy reserves, at the moment into the steak, steak caramelization surface, this layer of caramel, can fully locked inside the beef gravy, again through the heat conduction, outside-in, let internal curing, according to the center of beef temperature, determine the steak cooked degrees, this is the familiar cooked steak a few layer.

If the steak does not have a certain thickness, in the frying process, the surface of the caramelization process, because the thickness is not up to the requirements, also let the whole steak cooked. The gravy can’t be kept in the steak, which is not up to par.

And thick cut steak, because steak has a certain thickness, in the frying process, through the chef’s precise control, while ensuring the original taste of beef, but also according to the consumer’s taste requirements, steak with different degrees of cooked, 30%, 50%, 70% and well-done. Therefore, to eat steak thick cut, this is the reason. Of course, the thick-cut steak in the frying process requires the chef to have very high cooking skills.

Also, as you know, beef is rich in juice, or what we call blood. It’s not blood, it’s myoglobin, which is a very nutritious protein. Thick-cut beef can better lock in the juices (myoglobin), so that the steak will taste more juicy, more mellow.