World Famous Wine Regions And Wine Collection

1. The French
Most famous wine regions: bordeaux, Burgundy, champagne
French wine is the most famous in the world, which has to be attributed to the French brand awareness and successful marketing methods, after all, the French are good at turning a common thing into a fine and luxury. France has a lot of famous wine regions and famous wineries, speaking of the famous French wine, it is really a treasure: romanee-conti, lafite, champagne, Alsace, beaujolais, rhone valley, provence and so on, is simply countless.


2. Italy
Most famous wine regions: piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto
If there is a country in the world that can rival France in terms of wine production and quality, it is Italy. Italy is a small country, but it does not have a single region that does not produce wine. The most famous are the three mentioned above. Italy’s famous wine ABBBC, namely: amaroni, barolo, barbaresco, montagsino-brunello, classic Chianti. And, of course, four yas, namely, sischaya, soraya, onaya and jaya. In addition to these moscato, prosecco and other wines are also quite famous.

3. The German
Most famous wine regions: rhinehessen, falz, moser, rhineau
Undoubtedly, Germany is also one of the world’s major wine producing countries. The four wine regions mentioned above are the most famous wine regions in Germany. The most famous wine in Germany is riesling.

4. The Spanish
Most famous wine region: rioja
Spanish wine production is still relatively large, in the Chinese market, the proportion of Spanish wine is still relatively heavy. Spanish wines are good value for money. The most famous wine is the rioja.


5. Portugal
Most famous wine region: green wine region
The climate of Portugal is quite variable and there are many wine producing areas. Besides the wine producing areas with the largest output of wine and green wine, there are also famous wine producing areas such as douro river and alentejou. The more famous wine style has green wine, du ao, bailida, du luo and so on. The most famous wines in Portugal are port and green. After a long period of reform, the quality of Portuguese table wine is increasingly recognized internationally.

6. The U.S.
Most famous wine region: California
The United States is also a major wine producing country, producing wine in all 50 states, but the most famous wine producing region is California, napa valley, central valley and other fine wine producing regions are all in California. The most famous wines in the United States are sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, and sauvignon blanc.


7. Canada
Most famous wine region: Niagara peninsula
Because of the cold climate in Canada, the most famous wine is ice wine. The most excellent ice wine in the world is produced in Niagara peninsula, Canada.

8. Chile
Most famous wine region: casablanca
Chilean wine is well known all over the world. It is also cost-effective and is very popular in the world. There are many famous production areas, including casablanca, central valley, acon gaya and other production areas. Famous wines include chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, lie to you, syrah, camena, merlot, etc.

Most famous wine region: Mendoza province
Currently, Argentina is the world’s fifth largest producer of wine, whether domestic sales or export, are relatively popular. Famous production areas are Mendoza province, salta province, la oja province and so on. Famous wine: marbec, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, bonada and so on.


10. Australia
Most famous wine regions: south Australia, barossa valley, la valley, etc
Among the wine producing countries in the new world, Australia is very famous. There are many high-quality wine producing regions, such as barossa valley, hunter valley, merolon valley, gara valley, gunawara and so on. Famous wine products include syrah, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, cermette and so on.

11. The New Zealand
Most famous wine regions: Marlborough, hawkes
This is also a new world style wine country. Like many new world winemaking countries, New Zealand’s wine industry has changed dramatically in recent decades, with export markets growing rapidly. Premium producing areas in addition to the above two there are Auckland, whalalapa, nelson and so on. The famous wines are chardonnay, pinot noir, merlot, sauvignon blanc and so on.

12. China
The most famous wine regions are bohai bay, Yellow River delta, yinchuan and turpan
Chinese wine has developed rapidly in recent years, and many wines have achieved good results in the world blind wine tasting competition. Due to the vast territory, so the wine producing areas are also many, including bohai bay origin, Yellow River delta origin, yinchuan origin, turpan origin, northeast origin and so on. The famous wines are Great Wall, changyu, dynasty, tonghua and huaxia Great Wall.