WWF Video showed how we are all Connected by a thread

What is the better way to illustrate the complex net of life than with a tangled ball of string?

The partners in WWF-Mexico’s We are all Connected video went beyond tying the knots to choosing the music, it was a unique take on underlining that we are all connected on the planet.

The film was commissioned by Ogilvy Mexico for WWF and directed by Mato Atom for Troublemakers. tv. Its production was a truly global effort; treatment, art direction and look were defined and passed on to the CG / VFX studio Digital-District in Paris, while Atom directed out of New York to define the animatic, camera, pace and timings to achieve the desired look for the threads.


It was released as part of celebration of the international conservation organisation’s 50th year – and to  mark WWF-Mexico’s own 20th anniversary.

“We are all connected” aims to draw attention to the huge implications that our tiniest decisions have on the world we live in.


We are all responsible and any disruption in the thin line that connects us will create a disaster for everyone and everything in the fragile ecosystem. The Amazon Rainforest regulates the world’s climate; it is estimated that it stores between 90 and 140 million tons of carbon. The oceans’ level highly depends on the seasonal cycle from the ice caps in Greenland. The oceanic currents enable the displacement of ships and facilitate the migration of different sea creatures around the globe. The oceanic current in the Gulf of Mexico makes northeast Europe a milder zone than other areas located on the same latitude.


From the wood we choose, to the sugar we use, to the tiger we save – everything is tied to the health of the planet. It’s time to raise our voices so that people over the world begin to make better choices, for themselves and for the Earth. Because everything is connected.