Your Blood Type May Determine How Long You Live

Everyone has different blood types. In addition to the common type A, B and AB, there is also the so-called universal blood type O. For a long time, the research on blood types has been the direction of human beings, and we have always seen many people say that blood types and the occurrence of diseases are related to personality, and there is also strong research evidence that blood types are also related to people’s longevity.


For type A blood, this kind of person’s body is relatively strong, and is seldom troubled by the small cold and other diseases, even if has the small cold, also has the very strong self-healing ability, and the disease course does not delay for A very long time, the winter temperature is relatively low, type A blood has the very strong anti-adhesion effect. But at the same time, people with this type of blood are more cold averse and prone to gastrointestinal problems. Because the personality is more hot and anxious, so the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular aspects also need more attention, good maintenance of these two parts, can greatly improve the quality of life. Pay attention to your habits, longevity is not out of reach.

Type B people with type A blood, on the other hand, this kind of person’s metabolism and digestive ability is stronger, so the probability of suffering from stomach trouble or intestinal disease is relatively low, but don’t worry be happy, this type of human body resistance and is not very good, A little bit by the cold, there will be A cold body, and if it is engaged in heavy manual labor, the body is easy to appear problem. The key to a long and healthy life for people with type B blood is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, combine exercise with rest, and develop resistance to disease.


Compared with the above two blood types of people, O blood quality will be stronger, immunity is also good, is what we usually say longevity blood type, but the concept of longevity is only relative, not all centenarians are O blood, can only be said to be relative. Therefore, people with type O blood should take good care of their innate condition, and don’t harm their body every day regardless. It is worth noting that people with this type of blood type have relatively low levels of insulin in their blood, so they should learn to take care of themselves at ordinary times, eat well, have a good rest, and do not stay up late, which can make you more healthy and energetic.

Type AB blood is relatively rare and special. It can be said that it combines the advantages of type A and type B blood, but at the same time, their respiratory system and lungs are more prone to problems, so pay special attention.
Anyway, the analysis of blood type is based on a big data, health and longevity is not a matter of a day, the need for a correct lifestyle and concept, reject bad habits, such is the magic power of longevity.